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XPE Sports Certification Program at XPE Academy

XPE has an unparalleled record of success in preparing the nation’s top collegiate and professional athletes to achieve and exceed their athletic performance goals. This includes ensuring that aspiring collegiate football players successfully prepare for the NFL Combine and working with current NFL players to take their on the field performance to the next level. XPE also works successfully with elite college and professional athletes from a wide variety of other sports including top fitness models and MMA fighters. Now XPE is taking our proven training methods and making them available to select trainers nationwide through our XPE Sports Certification Program at XPE Academy. This dynamic and prestigious certification opportunity is offered only through the completion of XPE Academy Master Training Program.

XPE Sports Certification Program

XPE Academy

XPE Sports Certification Program Overview

  • Learn the fundamentals of Speed, Agility and Power for athletes
  • You will have a full understanding of the XPE Methodology under it's 4 tiered training system after attending an XPE Master Training weekend
  • Gain the knowledge needed to train athletes of all levels and all sports to become faster, quicker and more powerful
  • Proven technique and methods of 100's of professional level collegiate and youth athletes
  • Receive full video support including drills and training techniques to apply with your athletes

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Bill Welle Testimonial

"Tony and I worked together from 1999-2002 after I founded Cris Carter's FAST Program. We worked together with many superstars before he left and established the XPE brand in 2002. Linking back up with Tony and pushing a brand that has a proven training methodology is very exciting to me. After joining forces with Tony and XPE, I had my busiest NFL off-season in years and was featured on ESPN training my long time client Larry Fitzgerald and many other NFL Players during the NFL Lockout in 2011. I am excited to help Tony and XPE with their NFL Combine Prep year after year along with using the XPE brand to help me with my business in Minnesota, WelleFAST."

TJ Jackson Testimonial

"I own a non profit company Prep and Sports which trains kids both educationally for the classroom and physically for athletics. Knowing the XPE Training Methodology and being anXPE Master Trainer has helped my business tremendously. The XPE brand and sports training component of my program helps attract some of the best kids and gives my Prep and Sports business instant credibility."

Lilian Abdelmalek Testimonial

"Being a female trainer that owns her own company, the XPE brand brings me instant credibility in an Atlanta area with alot of competition. I use the training techniques everyday while training athletes. I found that using them has helped me maintain a strong presence of NFL and NBA players using my DSA program in the Atlanta area; which in turn has helped me attract the best high school athletes. Also, having a DSA website created for me and being on the XPE Sports website as a Master Trainer has done wonders for the marketablity of my business."

Joe Don Reames Testimonial

"I have an extensive resume when it comes to playing both football and baseball at a very high level along with many years of training athletes. To help take my TNT Sports training business to the next level, I knew I had to be associated with the XPE brand. Immediately I saw dividends as it helped attract higher profile athletes to my training center in South Carolina. I follow the training progressions exactly as I learned them and all of my clients have had great success with them. I am also not a big computer or marketing guy, and the help I received to get a website and marketing materials was a huge load off of my already busy schedule."

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